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High-Tech Kitchen Utensils That Will Improve Your Life Quality

The kitchen is very personal to us. It is the place where we prepare meals for either ourselves or people that matter to us. Only the special ones get served from our kitchen. And if you are a kitchen-person, you should know that the technology has not left us behind. There are kitchen innovations that can make cooking more enjoyable and easier than before.

Philips Airfryer

crisp resultDo we really need to deep-fry our foods just to taste the crisp sensation? It is hardly arguable that fried foods are, indeed, very tempting and alluring. Frying brings out the juicy oil from meats, which enhances the flavor by a hundred fold. Potatoes, chicken sticks, and fish fillets are the examples of ingredients that are strongly associated with the deep-frying method.

However, the technology has been on our side. We have managed to replicate the effect of deep-frying just by several spoons of oil. Philips Airfryer has made such a thing possible. It is available on Amazon for $250.

Frying our foods alters most of its nutrition into becoming waste materials. The cooking method adds a lot of calories, trans fat, and bad cholesterol.

Samsung Smart Fridge

black smart fridgeSamsung launched a smart fridge very recently this year, in January 2018. It is the next evolution of Samsung Family Hub series. The previous series, such as Samsung Family Hub 671L French Door, has already had a voice-activated feature, a built-in camera, displays 100,000 recipes, monitors the food expiration date, plays music, and of course, keeps your food fresh with the latest of cooling technology. It seems, though, that the product is not enough to represent the technology that Samsung is capable of.

The Smart Hub 2018 works beyond its use as a fridge. It integrates with the SmartThings system and controls the thermostats, home cameras, and lighting. This latest version also brings more intelligence to its artificial voice command system. Bixby has been available in Family Hub 671L, but its function is very limited. In the 2018 version, Bixby is the Siri of a refrigerator.

Ninja 3-in-1 Cooking System

food preparationThis cooking pot handles roasting, baking, and steaming. You can even sautee veggies and make pasta in the same device. It will provide you with so much help if you do not want to have many utensils in your kitchen.

Ninja pot improves slow cooking with its SEARious system. It sears and slow cooks your meals at the same time. It keeps the meat juice inside and enhances its flavor.

If you want to eat lean meat without over-cooking, Ninja pot will be handy for you. Meat is essential for maintaining a healthy diet, but cooking the meat properly is what gives us a problem.…