The Top Three Camera Drones to Have in 2018

Hovering perspective used to be very tricky to shoot. In the past, for events like music concerts or large ceremonies, they used cranes to do the shoot. And for a personal videography enthusiast, a hovering shoot was practically improbable. But today, camera drones are available for personal use. Their development has gotten more and more advanced, especially in terms of mobility and durability.

Drones are like a model aircraft. They are intended to operate as a remote control plane, but serves the function of a camera. Durability and easy navigation are vital, and those factors make the difference between one brand of drone and the others. You can get a fully built one, or get specific parts, 3D print your own design and assemble one. However, for professional photography it is best to go with an established brand. You do not need to do your own research. Here, we have compiled the famous drones which excel at their performances.

DJI Mavic Air

Drone with camera DJI Mavic Air comes with a 4k camera. Its design is very compact and handy. You can fold the propellers while unused and insert it in your pocket.

The drone also has a gimbal stabilizer. It compensates the high mobility of the drone. You do not need to worry when you shoot extreme sports, such as downhill biking or parkour. The drone will have no problems in keeping up with fast movements.

A drawback of this product is its battery consumption. The peak performance of this drone is only achievable in no more than 15 minutes. If you use it longer than that, you need to replace the batteries.

Another minor problem is the navigation app for this drone. It is unfriendly to user’s eyes and motoric muscles coordination. You will find the drone irritating to navigate on a small screen.

Yuneec Breeze 4k

Yuneec Breeze 4k facilitates users who want to use a drone as a flying video recorder only. The batteries of this drone only last for 12 minutes. It is also the least agile drone on the market, but the navigation app user interface is easy to use. Therefore, this drone will be ideal for you if you use it to shoot slow-moving objects or a hovering scenery. Besides, all the cons can be compensated with its low price and 4K camera.

white huge droneParrot Bebop Drone 2

black droneParrot Bebop Drone 2 is more of a toy drone than a camera drone. It only holds 8 GB of videos and photos of average quality. With the price tag of $330, you can get much higher quality videos and photos from DJI products. But the upsides of Bebop 2 is its versatility and durable materials.

The fun of exploration with a drone can be shared, and it does not need that much of video quality anyway. As long as you can see what is ahead and take some videos and photos, the drone is good to fly. And if you agree with the statement, Bebop Drone is best to bring in a family gathering. You do not need to worry to lend the drone to your relatives. It can survive a crash, and the propellers are set to stop once they hit a solid object. It is a safe drone to play among a crowd.

Bebop 2 also lasts around 20 to 25 minutes maximum, which is longer than the other drones do. Its flight range is also standard, 300 meters. In combination, both the energy and range can give an exciting exploration experience to the user.